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At the Chimney Sweep´s

We offer you comfortable accommodation in the  pension Castle apartments of Český Krumlov. They are located in an exclusive position within the historic centre of the town Český Krumlov by the main entrance to the chateau complex beside the Red Gate.

This is a late Gothic house as evidenced by the preserved cellars with portals. The house was reconstructed during Renaissance as evidenced by the attic fragments and sgraffito decorations. Another reconstruction took place in 1885.

Come to admire the historic sights of Český Krumlov which was registered on the UNESCO list. You can get back in history and visit the popular Five petalled rose festival. This festival return the town Český Krumlov to the Renaissance period. Streets are full of costumed people and The spirit of the Renaissance age is brought back to life for three days with the hubbub of jousts, craft fairs, medieval music, street plays, and fencing duels.

The cultural offer in Český Krumlov is a very rich. Český Krumlov are hold a festivals which have found a place in the cultural calendar for many visitors. Among the most significant is the International Music Festival, Festival of Early Music or Jazzky Krumlov at the end of summer. Another interesting experience is visiting Revolving Auditorium in Český Krumlov Castle gardens, where take a place every summer outdoors theater performances.

Stay in the center of Český Krumlov in House At the Chimney Sweep´s, its location will ensure you are right in the heart of the action.

Pension At the Chimney Sweep´s  Český Krumlov is the type of accommodation, perfect for stays of execution of wedding offering wedding suite. Come to Český Krumlov, just spend a romantic weekend.. Castle apartments like accommodation in the center - the heart of Český Krumlov  just enhance your experience from this beautiful place.